London 3D Tube Map in Google Maps

Sometimes when jumping from project to project and tutorial to tutorial projects get lost and posts overlooked.

One such example is our 3D Tube Map which, despite being something we are quite proud off, sat on the shelf for a while due to lack of time. Embedded below is the project so far - click and drag to pan around and zoom in and out using the usual google map interface (created using our free Image Cutter Software):

UCL is currently working on a render farm of 250 or so processors for our London model, so fingers crossed the 3D Tube project will be back in movie form soon.

For those with eagle eyes we know of at least two 'errors' in the map :) We will get these fixed and if anyone wants the image as wallpaper let us know your resolution and we'll post up an image.

View the map full screen

Update -Digital Geography - Geographic Visualisation for Urban Environments, the booklet of the blog is now available to buy.