Archi-Me - Launches to Transform 3D CAD Models (?)

To be honest we are always a little skeptical of press releases and tend not to post direct quotes as they often simply over-hype a product. As such it is with interest that we find the following:


MOOFU, a fast-growing UK company focusing on emerging technology, emerging markets and emerging people, today announces the launch of Archi-Me, a new solution that enables designers to create fully interactive avatar-based virtual environments from 3D CAD models.

Archi-Me changes the way designers and clients imagine, visualise and test projects by creating high-quality environments that people can explore in much the same way as in a computer game, with an avatar and user-friendly interface.


The clip below details the system:

The clip is not all that impressive and the with systems based around Unity or OpenSim via the ArchNetwork it looks like Archi-Me has a lot to live up to - but as the press release carries on -

MOOFU has launched Archi-Me after receiving an exceptional response to calls for early adopters from companies in the UK, USA, India, Italy and New Zealand. The technical team has created stunning virtual environments for schools, recreation buildings and a luxury villa.


Perhaps we have got the wrong end of the stick on this one but we cant see designers using the system with the current state of the avatars/lighting compared to others on the market (?)

See for full details.

Feel free to agree or disagree via the comments....