Google Building Maker: CANOMA(ish) + The Crowd = 3D Cities

Google's Building Maker is a stroke of genius, essentially a mix of CANOMA with the crowd to get users to populate the earth with 3D buildings. We know SketchUp and the 3D warehouse has already gone down this route to some extent, but this takes it to a whole new level:

In essence all you do is select a city from around the world, make a building with photos Google provide, save the building where it will be reviewed, your building becomes part of the Google Earth 3D layer.

So in short, you do the work and then your building is tied up with the terms of conditions. Such is life, we however just love the access to the imagery and the ability to model, terms and conditions are the subject for another post...

See 'Great Software form the past - CANOMA' for more insights into the simularities, CANOMA is up there as our favorite software of all time.