Historic Mapping on iPhone/Android - Walk Through Time

Walking Through Time is a research project developing iPhone and Android apps that architectural historians, conservationists and tourists to swap the Google base map for a historical map - i.e., allowing a user to 'Walk Through Time'.

The movie clip below provides a neat guide to the concept:

In short, we really like this, the ability to load up a historical map based on your current location opens up all sort of possibilities from historical tours through to viewing the changing layout of the city over time.

The project is funded through a JISC grant and is collaboration between Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) and Edinburgh University (UoE) with development led by Chris Speed and Ian Campbell of ECA with Tim Urwin, EDINA / UoE, Petra Leimlehner, UoE,Peter Pratt, UoE, Karlyn Sutherland, UoE.

The app is currently in prototype form - keep an eye on http://walkingthroughtime.eca.ac.uk/ for more news on a release.